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Class Schedule

0830-0900 | Arrival for day ticket holders

Feel free to explore the gardens, or relax by the workshop/cafe. I will come to meet you the tropical dome at 8.50am

0900-1130 | Forest Bathing aka Shinrin-Yoku - Mindful Nature Connection

Shinrin-Yoku, otherwise known as Forest Bathing, involves immersing ourselves in the atmosphere of the forest or woodland, mindfully. In doing so research has shown that we engage our parasympathetic nervous system into a rest and digest state and has demonstrated:

💚 Significant reductions of cortisol levels, our stress hormone

💚 Depression, stress and anxiety scores improve, especially anxiety

💚 Reduced blood pressure and heart rate

💚 A boost to our immunity, as our Natural Killer cells are positively impacted

A core principle of Shinrin-Yoku is that we are present and in the moment, not distracted by technology or everyday stressors of daily life.

What is entailed during Forest Bathing ?

You will be guided through a series of gentle ‘invitations’ to engage each of your senses in a mindful capacity. These are aimed at helping you remain present and connected with nature during the session.

Some of these mindfulness invitations can involve sitting, standing, lying, or walking

Invitations are mostly done solo, though some may be introduced that can be done in pairs.

How you approach each invitation is entirely your own your choice , with no pressure or expectations

What do I need to bring?

  • Decent footwear as terrain underfoot can vary as we explore the woodland
  • Long trousers to avoid nettle stings or scratchy branches
  • Something to sit and or lie on may help you relax into the invitations to aid comfort and prevent a soggy bum on the woodland floow.
  • Water and snacks
  • Be prepared for the weather, sunscreen / waterproofs
  • Curiosity and open mindset

1145 - 1300 | Woodland Gong Sound Journey

Limited to 16 places

During the Gong Sound Bath nothing is required of attendees other than lie down on your yoga mat, wrapped up snug in blankets and cushions, and relax.

🎶 Introduction and expectations – An opportunity to learn a little about Gong Sound Baths, what to expect during the class ahead, and to ask any questions.

🎶 Settle down and focus on being present – Body scan & breath focus

🎶 Gong Sound Bath – Gongs and various other instruments will be played for <50mins

🎶 Grounding Time – Gently ease back into our surroundings, with time for reflection and sharing

What can I expect?

Every Gong Sound Bath is different and a very personal experience depending on where you are on your personal journey through life.

You don’t need to know how to meditate or focus on being mindful and present as the Gong Sound Bath can quickly transport you to a meditative state for deeper relaxation.

Distracted by the depth of resonance, sounds and vibrations our busy minds succumb and follow the Gong’s varying frequencies*, and our internal chatter or ruminating thoughts can quickly move towards a dreamy state through a process known as brainwave entrainment.

Some people report a light or floating feeling , others relaxed and heavy, whilst some may experience vivid colours or visuals. Whatever your personal experience, you may well let go of your daily stresses and anxieties, and leave the session feeling tranquil and relaxed.

*The science theory behind this?

The gong sound waves relax our mind’s vibration frequencies from a busy or cluttered Beta brainwave state (14-40hz), associated with work mode, stress, anxiety and restlessness, towards a more daydreamy state of flow and presence in an alpha brainwave state (8 to 14 Hz) where memory, visualisation and concentration are heightened.

As we continue to relax we may enter a theta brainwave state (4-7.5hz) which is associated with deep meditation and hypnosis. It’s in this Theta Brainwave state that we access our creative and vivid visualisation state.

Some people relax so much that they start to snore, this is the activation of the Delta brainwave state (0.5-4hz)

1400-1450 | Garden Yoga

Limited to 16 places

This class includes instruction on yogic postures

Yoga serves as a means of self-discovery, allowing us to observe and accept our bodies, breath, emotions, and thoughts through physical, energetic, emotional, and mental exercises.


1530 - 1610 | Tropical Dome Himalayan Brainwave Bowl Sound Bath

Limited to 8 places, spaces initially reserved for Nature Vibrations Full Day Retreat all day ticket holders

🎶 Experience the dreamy sounds of the Himalayan Sound Bowls as they reverberate across the Tropical Sound Dome.

🎶 These bowls have been carefully selected to include closely matched frequencies that create Binaural Beats when certain bowls are combined

🎶 As a result our busy brains slow down their vibrating frequencies through a process classed Brainwave Entrainment from a busy Beta Brainwave state, through a more dreamy and creative Alpha Brainwave state, towards a deeper subconscious Theta Brainwave state, which is associated with REM sleep, hypnosis and meditation

To get the most benefit from a Sound Bath as we let go and journey we should aim to be as comfortable as we can.

It’s good to keep snug, comfortable and warm whilst lying on the concrete paving floor for this extended period of time outdoors, as when we relax into a deeper rest and digest state during the Gong Sound Bath our heart rate and body temperature lowers.

Attendees may wish to bring:

  • Warm layers, and thick socks
  • Weighted eye pillow* or mask
  • Thick blanket or duvet
  • Cushions*
  • Yoga Mat* to lie on (and ideally a duvet folder over for added padding underneath you)
  • Water to keep hydrated

*a number fo these will be available to borrow

(Please see special considerations and contraindications section at the bottom of this page before booking Gong Sound Bath or Tropical Dome Sound Bath)


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Katrina, ADHD Nurse, HDHB

“I attended a forest bathing and gong bath session with Geraint recently whilst on a wellbeing retreat. It was my first time experiencing this and I didn’t know what to expect.

Geraint gave a really insightful and evidence-based talk on the benefits of being in nature and the impact that it can have on people’s health and wellbeing.

The forest bathing and gong bath session was really relaxing and helped me to unwind and just forget about time and really be in that moment. I felt calm, relaxed, refreshed and really surprised at the positive effect that it had on me.

I struggle to fully relax on a daily basis due to having ADHD which causes my mind to race a lot. Geraint’s forest bathing session allowed me to start to feel free from intrusive thoughts and distractions. My mind began to feel settled and my body really relaxed.

Geraint is really knowledgeable about what he does and is really calming, welcoming and passionate about helping others through natural means. I am really grateful for his support and shared knowledge. He has extensively researched the biological, psychological and social benefits of forest bathing and provides a safe, supportive, understanding and reflective environment for all.

I will definitely be returning again and would highly recommend him. You begin to take more notice of everything around you and begin to appreciate the connection between yourself, nature, and your wellbeing whilst receiving positive guidance and reflection with Geraint’s expertise.”



Woodland Gong Sound Bath

Tropical sound dome

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GTours Wales Sound Healing Therapy


Gong & sound bath

Contraindications & Special Considerations

Please read the Contraindications & Special Considerations section at the bottom of this page before purchasing any of our sound bath tickets

Gong & Sound Bath Contraindications:

Please note the following before booking and consult your doctor should you have any concerns:

Contraindications : Both Gong & Sound Baths are not recommended with the following:

  • Pacemaker or metal implants
  • During the first or last trimester of pregnancy
  • Serious mental health issues such as schizophrenia or psychosis

If you have any queries, or concerns about your health and suitability for a Gong & Sound Bath please contact us before booking at

Gong & Sound Bath Special Considerations:

Children: Not suitable for young children 14 and under. 15 and 16 year olds must be accompanied by their guardian.

Special Considerations: Please note the following before booking and consult your doctor should you have any concerns

  • Fits or seizures (including epilepsy)
  • Sensitive to sound, like Tinnitus
  • If you wear a hearing aid, your device should be turned off during the session

If you have any queries, or concerns about your health and suitability for a Gong & Sound Bath please contact us before booking at

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