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In the beginning

Before G Nature & Wellbeing I’d spent the past 22 years in various sales and leadership roles in the pharmaceutical industry covering Wales, the North West, South West and South Central England.

On the whole the industry has served me well. I got to know a fair bit of the UK and enjoyed various swanky conferences and sales award trips abroad.

During this period I enjoyed regular travel, and also took a life changing 16 month trip backpacking in 2007, post redundancy. So when redundancy hit at the end of 2021 I knew it was an opportunity to stop and take stock once more.

However this time life circumstances were a quite different, not to mention being locked down in a global pandemic!


sales award winner
sales award winner
mid Life Curveballs 

Like so many others during the Covid pandemic I faced some significant life events, including the loss of my father, work stress and redundancy, diagnosis as neurodiverse ADHD, breakdown of a long term relationship, and our house sale. Though I didn’t initially want to acknowledge it, my mask was slipping as associated stresses and anxieties also presented themselves. I needed this timeout.



Nature’s impact

A consistent boost for me throughout this period was time spent in nature.  Taking a stroll along the coastline, feeling the breeze on my face, walking through the beautiful mountains or exploring calming ancient woodland or forests.

Now, I’ve always enjoyed nature, especially having explored some amazing landscapes worldwide, however, I never really appreciated quite how much energy, motivation and lift nature gives us, until recently.

Fascinated by the affect nature had on my mood, I started to learn how our neurotransmitters, or brain chemicals, can be positively affected by nature. I had a particular interest in the neurotransmitter Dopamine as this can be dysregulated in those of us with ADHD.  I also learnt how meditation can also boost our dopamine levels. This prompted me to start my meditative gong bath journey.


GTours Wales Sound Healing Therapy
GTours Wales Sound Healing Therapy
What inspired G Nature & Wellbing?

Nature’s Health impact on both our psychological and physiological Health & Wellbeing has compelled me to evaluate my values and intrinsic drivers. I found that over time a need for purpose crept its way into my top 3 motivational drivers, alongside creative and learning.

This shift resonated with me as I’ve pondered my future and am discovering my Ikigai, my motivating force in living a fulfilled life, which combines my passion for travel, Wales, self development, people and nature.

So I went about retraining and setting up G Nature & Wellbeing, an opportunity to help others find their calm and restorative states, whilst spending less sedentary time indoors and more time outdoors.


Geraint Gong Bath walking forest bathing guide
My journey so far

I’ve enjoyed a vocational period of life learning new skills from illustration tools to web design,  attending various startup workshops and moulding a business idea with support from enterprise hub WelshIce and Business Wales.

As lockdown eased last year I set about clocking up awards and qualifications, which quickly  serving my personal growth. I’ve been learning valuable life skills, trying to slow down and be more self compassionate.

During this journey I’ve broadened my networks and met many inspiring people. I’ve also discovered many new walks, coves, forests, ancient woodland, hills, mountains and countryside across Wales, Scotland and England in my campervan.

Upon selling our house I traveled to Costa Rica during Jan/Feb this year to explore their amazing national parks, rain and cloud forests whilst deepening my nature connection. I have since settled next to the amazing Welsh Coastal Path in Pembrokeshire, where I’ve been basing G Nature & Wellbeing. (though will partner and host events across South Wales and beyond)




GTours Wales Sound Healing Therapy
GTours Wales Sound Healing Therapy

Walking Guide

Member of the Mountain Training Association as a Lowland Leader, insured to guide walks

GTours Nature & Wellbeing Wales

Shinirin-Yoku Practitioner

Accredited Shinrin-Yoku Practitioner (Forest Bathing Practitioner) with Nature & Therapy UK. 

GTours Nature & Wellbeing Wales

Gong & Sound Bath Practitioner

Trained as a Gong & Sound Healing Practitioner with Babacool, a Complimentary Medicines Association (CMA) approved college provder

GTours Nature & Wellbeing Wales

Outdoor First Aid

FAA Level 3 Award in Outdoor First Aid (RQF) through First Aid Awards Ltd


GTours Nature & Wellbeing Wales

NLP Practitioner

ABNLP accredited Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

GTours Nature & Wellbeing Wales

Sound Healing Practitiner

Trained in traditional Nepalese techniques as a Chakra & Nadi Energy Therapist with Himalayan Chakra Bowls, and Sound Bath Practitioner with Sounds of the Himalaya in Nepal


GTours Nature & Wellbeing Wales