Himalayan brainwave Bowl Sound Bath

GTours Wales Sound Healing Therapy
GTours Wales Sound Healing Therapy

Experience the dreamy tones of the Himalayan Brainwave Bowls Sound Bath

🎶 These bowls have been carefully selected to include closely matched frequencies that create Binaural Beats when certain bowls are combined

🎶 As a result our busy brains slow down their vibrating frequencies through a process classed Brainwave Entrainment from a busy Beta Brainwave state, through a more dreamy and creative Alpha Brainwave state, towards a deeper subconscious Theta Brainwave state, which is associated with REM sleep, hypnosis and meditation


    What happens during our Sound Baths?

    To get the most benefit from a Himalayan Brainwave Bowls Sound Bath as we let go we should aim to be as comfortable as we can.

    It’s good to keep snug, comfortable and warm whilst lying on the floor for this extended period of time , as when we relax into a deeper rest and digest state during the Sound Bath our heart rate and body temperature lowers.

    Attendees may wish to bring:

    • Warm layers, and thick socks
    • Weighted eye pillow* or mask
    • Thick blanket or duvet
    • Cushions*
    • Yoga Mat* to lie on (and ideally a duvet folder over for added padding underneath you)
    • Water to keep hydrated

    *a number fo these will be available to borrow

    (Please see special considerations and contraindications section at the bottom of this page before booking a Sound Bath)

    GTours Wales Sound Healing Therapy
    Woodland Gong Sound Bath
    GTours Wales Sound Healing Therapy
    @gnatureandwellbeing Such a lovely vibe at the evening wellness retreat at @sianodoherty's Ash Farm on Thursday, following on from Hilary's sessions. It was pleasure to end the retreat with a Himalayan Brainwave Bowl Sound Bath and space for everyone to drift off with their dreamy tones, accompanied by the gentle koshi bells and mesmerising rain pillar. I particularly enjoyed the depth of conversation that ensured about frequencies, vibrations and wellness in the modern world. 🎶💫 Well done Sian on a fine event ✌️ Next evening retreat at Sian O'Doherty at Ash Farm is 7th Dec #wellbeingclasses #wellbeingretreat #himalayansingingbowls #himalayanbrainwavebowls ♬ take a moment to breathe. - normal the kid

    Dreamy tones

    altered Brainwave State


    relaxed & Refreshed