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Meinir Singing Welsh National Anthem
Meinir Singing Welsh National Anthem
two ladies sing on cruise ship stage

Group Singing Sessions:

Groups size: Group singing with simple harmonies min 10-30 people, for larger groups 30+ we can enlsit help from the ATeam

Duration: Suited to your needs and available space, we can cater from 45min to 3 hour

Location: At your office or grounds,  local hall or away day / event venue




Do you recall a time when you’ve felt the tingles, goose bumps or shared smiles of comradery when you’ve blasted out a song with others? 

There are many benefits of group singing to our wellbeing, across psychological, social and physiological parameters

Singing reduces stress and anxiety:  Group singing at work can help to reduce workplace stress and anxiety levels, with less feelings of social isolation and loniness and more feeling of being socially connected

Singing for group cohesion and bonding: Research suggesting the ‘ice-breaker effect’ of singing in promoting rapid cohesion between unfamiliar individuals in the  getting to know you phase, during prolonged interaction

When people sing, neurotransmitters such as endorphins and oxytocin (the cuddle or love chemical) are released by the brain. Oxytocin helps promote a feeling of trust, bonding and togetherness, which may account for lower feelings of loneliness associated with singing.

Singing aids happiness and wellbeing:  With elevated joy, elatedness, energy and relaxed feeling being measured by amateur singers after singing

Singing develops confidence: A bit like stepping up to a karaoke mic for the first time, those who overcame initial reluctance due to perceived barriers like lack of vocal skills, introversion and family commitments experienced a more profound impact on their well-being and social cohesion

Singing and mindfulness: There’s a lot to focus on during group singing, as we listen, enjoy and maintain presence in the moment. All of which aids distraction from our ruminating thoughts or usual streams of consciousness

Singing strengthens the immune system: Singers have been shown to have higher levels of the protein Immunoglobulin immediately after singing, an antibody which benefits the immune function of the mucous membranes

Singing improves breathing: As you learn to use your diaphragm you increase your oxygen intake, an improved awareness of deep breathing could aid people deal with anxiety and panic attacks

Singing and physiological benefits: Research suggests that acute metabolic demands of singing are comparable with walking at a moderately brisk pace


Rapid Ice Breaker

Reduce stress

Release bonding chemicals

GTours Wales Sound Healing Therapy

Your professional group singing tutor Meinir: 

Career highlights:

  • Performing at Ronnie Scott’s, Sydney Opera House, in Rome, LA, Paris, Tokyo, Taiwan, Sao Paolo and many more.
  • Member of Grammy award winning acapella group ‘The Swingle Singers’
  • Guest entertainer on board cruise liners such as Cunard and P&O Cruises with classical crossover duo ‘Indigo May’ 
  • Performing the Welsh national anthem at Australia vs Wales International rugby union match at the Ethiad stadium, Melbourne. 
  • Singing with my brother’s funk band upon my return to Wales from Oz! (I had to slip that one in!)



CORPORATE WELLNESS: Allocate space outdoors or block out a room in your office for some team singing and positive impact to our happy chemicals

3rd SECTOR: Are you seeking activity partners to fulfil social prescribing to help de-stress and beat isolation and loneliness? (See also Forest Bathing and Group Walking experiences)

RETREATS: Add something special to your itinerary as a rapid ice breaker for your remote team or customers (See also Forest BathingGroup Walking and Gong Sound Bath experiences)

FESTIVALS: Host a singing circle and watch your attendees beam with joy, as they connect through music

EVENTS TEAMS: Are you organising a meeting or event anywhere in the UK?  get in touch to explore how group singing can help bring an upbeat vibe to your event