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What is a Gong Sound Bath?!

Gong Sound Bath aka : gong bath, sound healing, sound bath, gong sound journey, gong bath meditation

During the Gong Sound Bath nothing is required of attendees other than to lie down on yoga mat and comfy padding, wrapped up snug in blankets, cushions and weighted eye pillows, and relax

Gongs and other sound healing instruments can aid relaxation by bringing you towards a meditative state. As you access your subconscious mind, deep creative and emotional sound journeys can happen. 

Many people report feeling deeply relaxed, and also energised the following days. Some feedback that they’ve subsequently experienced better sleep than they have for a while.

Often people with busy minds show appreciation for the respite they experience from churning, ruminating or intrusive thoughts.  Whilst some with chronic pain have reported temporary relief as their whole body, and mind let go and relax

Anxiety, worry, stress, anger, fear, and frustration are said to cause a shift to the harmony and frequency of our body’s cells from being resonant to dissonant, and as such create cellular disharmony, which may result in discomfort and dis ease.

It’s said that sound baths help engage our natural healing systems as your cells vibrations and frequencies realign from a state of dissonance, back to harmony.

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What happens during our Gong Sound Bath?

Introduction and expectations – An opportunity to learn a little about a Gong Sound Bath, what to expect during the class ahead, and to ask any questions.

Settle down and focus on being present – Body scan & breath focus

Gong Sound Bath – Initially the gongs may be played softly and as the gong bath progresses the volume is gradually increased with crescendos and played with varying styles as the the frequencies,  harmonics and dynamics are varied throughout the session. 

Other instruments will be introduced during the sound bath which will enhance your sensory experience and individual journey. 

Grounding Time – Gently ease back into our surroundings, with time for reflection and sharing

GTours Wales Sound Healing Therapy


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What can I expect from a Gong Sound Bath?

Every Gong Sound Bath is different and a very personal experience depending on where you are on your personal journey through life.

You don’t need to know how to meditate or focus on being mindful and present as the Gong Sound Bath can quickly transport you to a meditative state for deeper relaxation.

Distracted by the depth of resonance, sounds and vibrations our busy minds succumb and follow the Gong’s varying frequencies, and our internal chatter or ruminating thoughts can quickly move towards a dreamy state through a process known as brainwave entrainment.

Some people report a light or floating feeling , others relaxed and heavy, whilst some may experience vivid colours, visuals and feelings of movement.

Whatever your personal experience, you may well let go of your daily stresses and anxieties, and leave the session feeling tranquil and relaxed.

      • At the very least most people find gong baths a calming and peaceful experience. This is due to the vibrating sound waves relaxing the mind from a busy or cluttered Beta brainwave state towards a more daydreamy, and animated, Alpha brainwave state
      • As you continue to relax you may enter a Theta brainwave state which is associated with deep meditation and hypnosis. It’s in this Theta Brainwave state that we access our subconscious, creative and imaginative state. Do you get some of your best ideas on the brink of sleep? 
      • Some people relax so much that they start to snore, this is the activation of the delta brainwave state
GTours Wales Sound Healing Therapy

Good Vibrations

Deep Theta Brainwave State


relaxed & Refreshed


YOGA STUDIO: Get in touch for partnership opportunities to host regular or one off Gong Baths for your clients

CORPORATE WELLNESS: Treat your teams, block out a room in your office and host a Gong Bath, or a series of sessions to promote relaxation

RETREATS: Add something special to your itinerary with a relaxing meditative gong and sound therapy session. (See also Forest Bathing and Guided Walking experiences)

FESTIVALS: Host a gong bath as an offering to ease your punters into the day

EVENTS TEAMS: Are you organising a meeting or event anywhere in the UK? That’s fine, get in touch to discuss your wellbeing needs

NHS/Social Prescribing:  Patients with ever busy minds, and anxiety, have said that they appreciate the escape and feeling of decompression post our Gong Sound Baths

3rd Sector: Are you seeking activity partners to fulfil social prescribing for de-stress and relaxation? (See also Forest Bathing and Guided Walking experiences)


GTours Wales Sound Healing Therapy

Please read the Contraindications & Special Considerations section below before purchasing any of our sound bath tickets

Gong & Sound Bath Contraindications:

Please note the following before booking and consult your doctor should you have any concerns:

Contraindications : Both Gong & Sound Baths are not recommended with the following:

  • Pacemaker or metal implants
  • During the first or last trimester of pregnancy
  • Serious mental health issues such as schizophrenia or psychosis

If you have any queries, or concerns about your health and suitability for a Gong & Sound Bath please contact us before booking at info@gnaw.wales

Gong & Sound Bath Special Considerations:

Children: Not suitable for young children 14 and under. 15 and 16 year olds must be accompanied by their guardian.

Special Considerations: Please note the following before booking and consult your doctor should you have any concerns

  • Fits or seizures (including epilepsy)
  • Sensitive to sound, like Tinnitus
  • If you wear a hearing aid, your device should be turned off during the session

If you have any queries, or concerns about your health and suitability for a Gong & Sound Bath please contact us before booking at info@gnaw.wales

Woodland Gong Sound Bath
Gong playing

Geeky stuff


Gong Sound Bath affect on red blood cells!?

This video is very interesting, and seems to align with the above research.

A live blood analysis before and after 20 mins of gong a sound bath. The previously viscous or sticky red blood cells have loosened up and separated, and regained their rounded form.

I’d certainly be keen to explore this further, and gain insight from local haematology specialists here in Wales.


The theory behind Gong Bath & Sound Therapy?

It’s believed that gong therapy can reduce stress and relieve emotional blockages, as when the mind and body relax and begin to synchronise with the lower frequencies and vibrations, then balance is restored.

This theory is based on the principle that all matter contains atoms in continual vibration, whether or not we see it moving or hear it, everything has a vibrating frequency. Every organ, bone, every cell in the body has its own resonant frequency.

Brain Entrainment 

Anxiety, worry, stress, anger, fear, and frustration are said to cause a shift to the harmony and frequency of our cells from being resonant to dissonant, and as such creates disharmony. 

The principle of Brain Entrainment suggests that powerful rhythmic vibrations from one continual rhythmic or harmonious source (like gongs, singing bowls) are thought to cause the less powerful vibrations of another source to lock into, or synch to the lower vibration frequencies of the first external stimulus. As such our brain cells respond by firing their own electric cycles to that of the dominant frequency. This is often knowns as Frequency Following Response (FFR)

Gong Meditation is said to stimulate such vibration in our body’s molecules and cells, and the frequency following response induces us into a deeply relaxed and meditative state, in which our brain stops trying to figure things out and operates at a slower pace compared to our normal busy brainwave state. So effective sometimes, some people let go and fall asleep.

Sound Waves & Clinical Research

Music and sound therapy using various sources and instruments has been used in a number of clinical settings, from treating autism and alzheimer’s to tinnitus, fibromyalgia and pain.

Whilst the exact mechanisms of sound and vibrational therapy are yet to be understood, current research is promising.

A research paper published in May this year in Healthcare,  titled the ‘Possible mechanism for the effects sound vibrations on humans’ explored in detail data around vibroacoustics and effects of specific frequencies in various therapeutic settings. It seems specialists are “beginning to identify how vibration affects ‘blood, brain, and bone’ but that the means of effect is highly complex”. Their research framed an urgent need to advance this potentially potent form of treatment. 

Here’s some gong specific research reporting relaxation benefits: 

  • High-intensity, low-frequency combination of singing bowls, gongs, and bells in a sound meditation could induce a deep relaxation response and positively affect mood and sense of well-being. 


  •  Effect of sound vibrations from gong baths defined by users as healing and/or relaxing. They testified on achieving durable inner peace, on better physical and mental wellbeing, fresh impetus for work, desire for personal growth and other positive effects.

Pesek, A., & Bratina, T. (2016). Gong and Its Therapeutic Meaning. Musicological Annual, 52(2), 137–161.