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It’s time to be kind ourselves, take time out to reset and let nature do it’s thing!

The current ever available technological world we live in, combined with the social impact of the covid pandemic on stress and anxiety, along with a burnout culture are contributing to a mass mental health epidemic.

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The good news is that there’s a swell of research that supports how time spent in nature, away from IT and modern day distractions, can have a positive effect on our….

  • Stress Levels ✅
  • Anxiety ✅
  • Blood Pressure ✅
  • Heart Rate ✅
  • Immunity & Inflammatory System ✅

MaryCarol R. Hunter, Brenda W. Gillespie, Sophie Yu-Pu Chen. Urban Nature Experiences Reduce Stress in the Context of Daily Life Based on Salivary Biomarkers. Frontiers in Psychology, 2019

Li, Qing. “Effect of forest bathing trips on human immune function.” Environmental health and preventive medicine15,1 (2010): 9-17. doi:10.1007/s12199-008-0068-3

  • Attention Restoration ✅
  • Creativity ✅
  • Vitality ✅
  • Connectedness ✅
  • Generosity & Cooperation ✅

Piff, P.K., Dietze, P., Feinberg, M., Stancato, D. M., & Keltner, D. (2015). Awe, the small self, and prosocial behavior. Journal of Personality and Scial Psychology, 108(6),883-889.

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Nature Health Benefits in Research

Attention levels waning?

Often on back to back meetings?

Chasing deadlines? Feeling frazzled? Need time out?

Could you improve team cohesion and cooperation?

Need space for problem solving?  Creative block?  

Nature Health Benefits to our Brain Chemicals


How do brain chemicals influence mood?

Which brain chemicals cause anxiety?

What is Dopamine’s function?

How can we reduce our Cortisol levels?

How can we  top up Seratonin in Nature?

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