Warm Welcome, Loneliness & Isolation

The Welsh Government Connected Communities Scheme

Loneliness and Social Isolation Fund

Geraint, founder and operator at G Nature & Wellbeing would welcome connection with managers and trustees of community spaces such as village, town and church halls, and town councillors.

Please do get in touch to explore collaboration opportunities to provide a warm, sociable space for the local community during the colder winter months, and offering activities and talks that can aid their mental and physiological wellbeing.

Contact us at info@gnaw.wales

GTours Wales Sound Healing Therapy

Is your hall or community space keen to create a warm space as part of the ‘Loneliness and Social Isolation Fund’?

This fund is available to community spaces, halls and community groups to deliver activities and provide a warm welcoming space for people.

G Nature & Wellbeing is open to collaborate in hosting events across the colder winter months.

🎶 Gong Sound Bath Meditation Classes 

We can offer calming Gong Sound Bath classes as a form of passive meditation to help people switch off from their daily thoughts, quieten busy brains and help instill a sense of calm and relaxation.

We’ve had a range of ages attend from 15 to 70 years young , so this really is a great cross generational wellbeing activity that doesn’t require much at all, expect lying down all snug and cosy.

Please see our Gong Sound Bath page on this website for more information.

🌿 The art of Forest Bathing Talks 

Also. we host mindful Forest Bathing sessions, otherwise known as Shinrin-Yoku, which has a growing body of evidence globally that it can boost our psychological and physiological wellbeing.

We can offer talks about the origins of Forest Bathing which delve into the scientific data and share tips on how to apply principles of the mindful practice of Forest Bathing in daily life.

Please see out Forest Bathing page on this website for more information

🌱 Nature Health Benefits Connection Talks 

The current ever available technological world we live in, combined with the social impact post covid pandemic on stress and anxiety, along with a burnout culture, and increasing levels of isolation and loneliness are contributing to a mass mental health epidemic.

There’s a wealth of evidence and research that demonstrates the impact that nature and green spaces have on our health and wellbeing, which has had an influence on recent government and NHS policy, and is being integrated into Social and Green Prescribing referrals.  

Please visit our Nature Health Benefits pages to hear Geraint share research and psychologists theories,  and how our neurotransmitters or brain chemicals, are positively impacted by time spent in nature. 

🎤 Group Singing Workshops 

There are many benefits of group singing to our wellbeing, across psychological, social and physiological parameters. These include group cohesion and bonding as a rapid ice breaker, reduction in stress and anxiety levels, elevated happiness and wellbeing, and developing confidence to name but  a few. 

G Nature & Wellbeing can offer Group Singing Workshops by our singing professional Meinir, ex world renowned accapella group the Swingle singers, when she isn’t away singing on cruise liners with her classical crossover duo Indigo May.

Please visit our Group Singing page on this website for more information

Gong Sound Bath Testimonial Examples

Links to local funding information:

Pembrokeshire PAVS: Deadline 7th November 

Supporting Community Action Fund – Warm Welcome Community Spaces Grant 


Cardiff 3rd Sector Council: Deadline 31st October

Loneliness & Isolation Fund 2021-2024 and Warm Places Fund 2022


Vale of Glamorgan: Deadline 18th November 

Loneliness & Isolation Fund 2022 – 17th Nov


GTours Wales Sound Healing Therapy
GTours Wales Sound Healing Therapy