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GTours Wales Sound Healing Therapy



These vouchers can be redeemed to secure a spot at one of our Gong Sound Baths through our Eventbrite booking page, simply select the event and date you wish to attend, and select promo code at checkout to enter the voucher code. There are no additional booking fees with the vouchers.

To purchase Gift Vouchers please contact us at info@gnaw.wales

For live event listings and more detail of each event visit our Ticket Tailor Page and Eventbrite Booking Page

For more information about our Gong Sound Bath on this website

Al Fresco sessions 🌱🌿🌳🦜

There’s something really special about hosting Gong Sound Baths in nature, which is also great for our health and wellbeing.

As such our mission is to host as many of the sessions as we can al fresco, amongst trees, breeze and birds. It really does add to the sensory experience.

All of the partner locations have been carefully selected for their privacy, peace and tranquility. It’s important to us that attendees get to feel safe and undisturbed as they close their eyes and journey with the Gong sounds and frequencies, with little risk of passing public, dogs or traffic.

Please see our Gong Sound Bath page on this website for more information about our sessions.

GTours Wales Sound Healing Therapy
GTours Wales Sound Healing Therapy
GTours Wales Sound Healing Therapy